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Overkill - White Devil Armory 2014 ( rated: 7 )

seventeenth studio album by the American thrash metal band Overkill. Released through Nuclear Blast.

At last here we are again, Overkill has arrived. Any metal head will tell you that a serving of thrash is essential for a great fugly diet.

No better band to do that with then Overkill. After knowing what I want and expect from these guys the bar is set pretty high. Especailly after The Electric Age. Needless to say they have delivered as to be expected.

The production is great. The album is heavy, aggressive and fast at times but it does have alot of mid tempo structure.

The best part is Bobby'Blitz' Ellsworth vocals. This bastard has not lost any of his power, clarity and show no sign of slowing down. His rage and digusted screaming shines through the heavy riffs and demands your undivided attention. Listen to Pig...

This release however, does not make the top ten Overkill as some have suggested. That's nonsense!

Here is why I say that. Dave Linsk (lead guitar) & Derek "The Skull" Tailer (g) are not holding up their end. The riffs sound stale and unsipired and lead solos don't sound good in fact they sound out of place, ex. Bitter Pill. As if it's in there just to fill a void.

Bobby & DD are towing this albums together and Ron Lipnicki does a good job keeping up.

High point are XMD, Armorist, Down To The Bone, Pig, King Of The Rat Bastards.

Overall is an Overkill release and they do what they do well. Look at this way, now they have a reason to hit the road and come to a city near where is my Horrorscope cd!