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2.2.14 Fuglmanics made it to Fitzgerald's. Toxic Holocaust,Exhumed, Mammoth Grinder and Ramming Speed.

Big THANK YOU to Bill 'master' Bates and his Sweet Nightmare show on 90.1 fm Thurs. 11p-2a (CST)

Also a big thank you to MMB and his Metal Bulletin for the avalanche of music information that only he can keep up with.

Toxic Holocaust from Portland, OR. These guys have a lousy attitude with their toxic punk and metal mix. Blazing riffs, they don't spend alot of time on a song. They punch you in the face knock you on your ass and off to the next song. With song titles like Bitch, 666, Metal Attack, War is Hell etc. We love their style.....

Besides any band that gets on stage yells out...HOUSTON!!...WHAT'S UP YOU MOTHERFUCKERS.. is awesome in our book....Enjoy!! (they had us at motherfuckers...)

Check out the circle pit & stage diving...

Toxic Holocaust - Metal Attack, Wild Dogs, Endless Armageddon, Reaper's Grave, Death Brings Death, 666, I Am Disease

War Is Hell, Agony Of The Damned, Awaken the Serpent, MKUltra, The Lord of the Wasteland, In the Name of Science, Nuke the Cross


Exhumed hails from San Jose, CA. We seen these guys last year with Dying Fetus and needless to say we were impressed. We like the fact that they don't take themselves too serious. It's only metal with a crazyass chainsaw wielding maniac on "Limb From Limb". This is right up our alley. Enjoy!!




Next up, Mammoth Grinder from Austin,TX. These guys have a unique sound and a good following to prove it. We were annoyed with the background feedback/distortion sound (5:07-5:27) between songs. We decided to cut short the recording and check our ears for bleeding! Just because we don't like it, doesn't mean it ain't no good. Plenty of fans to prove us wrong. We think they were having technical issues and they decided to push thru the set (right decision if that was the case) Enjoy!


Metal Bulletin is how we got turned to Ramming Speed- a bunch crazy, loud,fist pumping thrasher out of Boston,MA. These guys started the assault for the night. It was a short set, but it was fast and brutal. They started the set with Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die. Enjoy!!


Ramming Speed - Grinding Dissent  

We did get more footage of all the bands. Stay tuned, as the night progress and the crowd got bigger and more insane. Won't be dissapointed. Exhumed did their fuglymaniac chainsaw wielding bit and Toxic Holocaust closed the show in epic fashion.....