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January 18, 2014 HRA, Oath of Cruelty, Hel-Razor at Rudyard's

2014 is in full swing and we wanted to start it with something new to us. So we went to Rudyard's to see a band called Hel-Razor. Local band that has been together a short time...

Their facebook page: "Hel-Razor started either in late 2011 or early 2012. We don't remember. One day Bill brought some IPA's to the old Cronophage room and jammed with jon which turned into every sentance being a heavy metal song. Several months later we started jammin again and decided to rock proper. After writing a few songs and gettin an idea of making a band, we went to the bar where Ted works so we could throw things at him and make him give us free food while he was working. Eventually we invited him to check it out and since he had nothing better to do, he came out to tell us we suck but instead got drunk and joined our band. There's shit after that but mainly we're a band now and are pretty serious about rockin" What we can tell you is these guys have a venom, overkill sound and attitude. The energy and speed is frantic. This is some fugly shit! We love it. Fast, ugly, lots of screaming, growling and lots of shedding. What's not to like?...see for yourself. Enjoy.



H.R.A. (Heavy Roach Activity), The dancefloor in front of the stage became crowded and a very rowdy mini--moshpit ensue immediately by the mean opening chords of "Crimes."

 H.R.A.'s metallic sound is raw with furious stretches of thrashy -beat with hardcore screaming fits. It's the kind of loud, vicious, nasty, aggressive music that's easy to lose your mind to.

"This goes out to all you motherfuckers keeping this shit alive," said lead screamer Robert Mena. These guys are legends around this neck of the woods and now you can see why?


Oath Of Cruelty is a Death-Thrash unit from Houston, TX. This band has a good following and with good reason. They are brutal and will melt your face with their brand of metal. The crowd was so rowdy that this is the only decent footage we got....sorry guys. Next time!!

There you have it guys we are off to a great start.