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(April 1, 2014 by MMB)

Breaking News: BILL WARD rejoins BLACK SABBATH: the final album and world tour in 2014/15

This event is going on right now and the details are arriving fast. All four members of Black Sabbath are holding a conference today Tuesday and here are some major details to report to you.

Black Sabbath and Bill Ward have decided to put aside their differences and Bill Ward will be rejoining Sabbath for the last and final album and tour.

When asked how this happened, Bill said:"Everybody knows that I am going to die soon, or if it's not me, then it's Tony, for sure, or you never know when Ozzy needs to spend a year or two in rehab, so we talked and it's all good with the blokes now. We have been friends for a long time, mate, and we didn't want to say cheerio to the world without all of us together one more time."

For his part, Ozzy chimed in: "Well, you know, we all love Bill, he's a bloody good friend, and it's just time to do the right thing and do this thing right. Plus, you know, really, Bill wanted more money, and since in the bank I already have, like, 589 trillion dollars, I figured it would be ok to give him some. Bill's a bloody friend, blimey!, and right now I am mad at Sharon, anyway, so why not, eh, lads?"

That's all we have to report at this very second, but there's more coming. 
We will keep you updated on this breaking news as more details arrive. Watch this space for more news.