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Hirax- Imortal Legacy (2014)  Steamhammer Records. 13 song 44 min

Katon W. De Pena (the band's only original member of the current line-up) and co. played in Los Angeles and San Francisco with other new thrash metal bands of the area  Metallica, Exodus, and Slayer. The year is 1982.

Unlike those other bands these guys took the long way to Immortal Legacy (2014). This is where the rubber meets the road. Where a blue collar musician earns his keep. Katon W. De Pena has been doing this a long time. There is no quitting in this guy.

As for Immortal Legacy lets just say Hirax is alive and well. Even though yet again this album has a new line up (since 2005). Hirax sounds true to form with their blazing speed and Katon screaming like his balls are caught in a vice.. The Harrison brothers lead the way with the killer riffs and thumping bass. Iacobellis on drums in a man possessed with his neck breaking drumming. Overall we love this! We are glad Hirax stays true to their craft.

“Black Smoke” melts your face right off the gate., sending out all the right signals. Assemble the metal batallions, off to war we go with “Hellion Rising” reprises all the kill switch insanity one would expect from HIRAX. 

It would be criminal to ignore this album and we will revoke your headbanger's license. You've been warned.

You can listen to the whole album here:


 “Deceiver” heeds its death militia damage call. Evidently the prodigal sons have returned. The mouth of the beast roars with the lightning and thunderous pace of the title track, one of Katon's personal favorites. The retaliatory strike felt by “Violence Of Action”, verifies that we are all still at war.  The instrumental “Atlantis” - mostly a bass solo leads to "The World Will Burn" a quick assault with killer shedding to begin the song with a catchy chorus."The world will burn... suffer the world". We got a bonus track "Mephistopheles" - 5:16 (Bonus Track)

The only non-old-school element, now relinquished due to age and the wear and tear from years of touring, is those piercing highs Katon once executed with his banshee call.

Production by legendary Bill Metoyer who reunited with the band back since their debut and (EP). Another note renowned Noise Records album artist Philip Lawvere. He apparently has come out retirement to create his first oil painting in 25 years.

While many new bands are trying to immitate that old 80's bay area thrash sound. Here we have the genuine sound from a band that has been around for decades. The production is just right. Sound's simple not overly done or layered. The guest guitar solos by the likes of Jim Durkin, Juan Garcia, and Rocky George, this new epoch of chaos and brutality should be satisfing to all. This is EXECELLENT!!