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Amoral – Fallen Leaves And Dead Sparrows (2014)


Truth be told we were not famliar with this band from Finland until now.

Amoral Fallen Leaves Dead Sparrows

This is their 6th album released. They play technical, progressive, melodic, hardrock oriented metal. These guys are very capable musicians and it shows. exemplary display of riff-driven, heavy, yet melodic power groove with a thick and chuncky guitar sound and even some sing along choruses.

Here is the deal with this cd. They do a great job sinking their hooks into you at the beginning of the album with "On The Other Side pt.I" and "No Familiar Faces" lots of shedding and different tempos to keep you interested. Both songs displaying their skills and their ability to be aggressive. Aris Koivunen's silky smooth effortless vocals and Ben & Masi guitars are fantastic.

check it out for yourself.. "No Famliar Faces"


Then the album takes a turn for a more hard rocking sound in the middle with the guitars leading the way. "Blue Prints" and "The Storm Arrives" are instrumental. The song " See This Through" is a melodic rocking song, it has a meloncholy feel to it. The last song "On The Other Side pt. II" ties all together well. It took a few listens to really appreciate this. Every liten brought out different elements missed previously.

Strongly recommend this...No preheating necessary just unwrapped and Enjoy!!

2014 is proving to be yet another surprising year with great music and new found bands to enjoy!!