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Your band is the most amazing thing I have ever heard!


Black Veil Brides <3 taught me to be my self and that self harm is not the answer...

Your band is incredible. When you say that you have a "crazy and never before heard mix of brutality," you sure are right. No one has ever thought of combining those notes before and it really makes me wonder what other guitar players have been doing since the invention of the electric guitar. You are tremendous. 

You have both screaming and singing. Wow. Astounding! Like you say, "no one else is doing that" nor have they done it. The way your songs begin with a throwdown and a scream, then when no one expects it, you change to a more mellow sound and you switch over to sensitive singing. No one has ever done this before. What a great idea you had! Amazing.
Related image"Nobody out there sounds or looks like we do," you say. Oh, boy, are you right! The way you wear your baseball cap backwards and that tattoo of your favorite sports team, that's definitely something that you won't find other people doing today. 
Image result for drummers with calf tattoos of puppiesThe way that your drummer hits those cymbals, how can anybody else do that? They can't! Your drummer gets on that beat and stays on that beat, and it's amazing. Plus, your drummer wears shorts and we see that he has a calf tattoo of his favorite sports team, too. Very unique, for sure. No one else does that. I'm glad he wears shorts, that way we can see the tattoo because if he didn't, we wouldn't be able to see it, but he does, and that's how we know he has a calf tattoo. Inspiration.
Your lyrics are incredible and I connect with them so much. Your words mean so much to me. It's like you know me. You have lyrics about how people lie to you. black veil brides - Google SearchI feel the same way. I feel betrayed all the time. I write lyrics and poems, too. I mean, I lie to people and stab people in the back, but I don't write about that. I prefer to write about how I am a victim and how everyone else treats me unfairly. It's more effective that way. 
I also like that you express political opinions that are like mine. You see things the way I do. I don't like ideas that are different from my own. If people disagree with me, I just call them racist, sexist or fascist because I don't want to think about the possibility that there are other ways of thinking. I like to call people racist and sexist when I run of ideas and cannot answer their points.  I win and I'm right!
Ahh just listen to the kpop music!! ...the fact that the picture is then of All Time Low is even better.When is your band coming to Austin, Texas, where I live? Don't go anywhere else in Texas because this is a redneck state. Only Austin is cool. Your band is too good for Texas.
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See you in Austin!
Chad "B-Ball" Stevens