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Image result for things to donateImage result for things to donateTony Iommi Empowers the English City of Birmingham with a Song; Says Giving Money Would Be Cliché


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Tony Iommi, the famous rock guitarist of Black Sabbath fame recently donated a song to the city of Birmingham, where his band got its start some 300 years ago. At a press conference he stated: "Some people got a cob on and they got a face as long as Lively Street because I've never done anything for Birmingham. Well, go to the foot of our stairs! I have a written a bostin' song for all Brummies!
I do love Birmingham with all my heart and soul, bab. Some might say that it's bollocks that I haven't done more for my city, why, with all that money and whatnot. You know I love this city, bab. If you don't believe it, you're half soaked. Don't you remember? We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll.
IImage result for THINGS TO DONATE want to do all I can to help. I was asking myself, what can I do to help with the homeless people in the city? Some people thought, “Tony Iommi? Never in a rain of pigs pudding!” There are kids living in ghettos and there are many forms of violence; violent crime, violent relations, violent assaults, friendly violent fun, violent attacks. What can I do? There are youth and kids who don't have enough to eat; kids living in the streets, trying to survive the cold, survive disease. How can I help? There are unemployed people all over; immigrants who need help in adapting to their new life.
How should I help?
I know, I know!Image result for THINGS TO DONATE I will write a song. I thought about helping with heaps of money for food, school supplies and winter clothing. Then I thought that this would be so expected and not surprising at all. I'm filthy rich, I am really filthy rich, you have no idea, and I could help with actual assistance, but that's so typical. I want to do something totally different. I write songs as a career. What can I do that is different? Giving money is so yesterday's news and such a cliché. We need people to think outside the box. That's why I did something different for me. I wrote a song. Nobody expects that!

I figured that I could have, as they say, been giving back, Image result for money trucksince the 1970s, but I decided that now that I am almost dead from old age that this moment would be a perfect time to start. My song is brilliant! I wrote a song for Birmingham now that I am super old and that I have no good songs left. I mean you've heard my so-called collaborations with Glen Hughes, I mean, not the one from the 80s because that's a good one and I still had lots of musical ideas.

Image result for adopting a dogNo, I'm referring to that other rubbish collaboration, and you've heard that sorry excuse for an album that I did with Dio. What was it called? Something about the devil or whatever else we thought would seem good for selling. You also already know that I did that lame jackass album with that senile druggie Ozzy and that album was bollocks, too. I haven't written a good song since the early 90s and I thought to write a song for Birmingham in my old age, now the well has dried up.

Related imageYou’re welcome, Birmingham.


[ His donation is a fucking song, SERIOUSLY, TONY!? ]