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Soulfly- Archangel ( Nuclear Blast 2015)

Soulfly is back with their tenth album. Max Cavalera is a busy body. This is a 36 minute endeavour so it's quick and painless for the most part.

Soulfly had it's moment a while back and when they did it was a good one. Regardless, of what anyone says this release sounds dated and uninspired.  The drumming is weak and the sound is monotone.  Yes! max manages some highlights but not many.

For the record, we like Soulfly and encourage you to check them out live. They know how to work the pit. New release, new tour we get it.

Some would say 'hey, this is mature album by Soulfly". "The guests on this album did a fantastic job". We disagree on both.

SOULFLY Announce Headlining Tour With SOILWORK, DECAPITATED And SHATTERED SUN; Archangel Album Release Date Confirmed

Soulfly can bring a ton of guest. They can sing, bark, read a  poem, do stupid human tricks, or even magic (start with a drummer, eh?) For all we care but still  won't sell us on this cd. 

Lyrically speaking is a old  subject. The rhythm and leads are. ..*yawned*  oh, review, right....ok where were we?. Oh yeah, skip this album is not worth your time and money.

Good news, Soulfly is headlining North American tour with wedish melodic-death metal visionaries Soilwork, Polish technical death metallers Decapitated, and hot newcomers Shattered Sun.

Now, that is a tour you can sink your teeth into. Looks promising if you ask us....

Max next release it'is probably only 6 months away?. Maybe even right before the holidays,  a Christmas record maybe?