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John Bush: “I will sing for Metallica in order to save them from further embarrassment”; after hearing the news, Megadeth has also reached out to Bush; Anthrax is jealous
Hello friends, fans and family
When you see a friend struggling with an addiction, you have to intervene. When I see a friend down on their luck, I have to help. When I see that my friends have lost their mojo, I cannot sit there and watch them make fools of themselves.
I wanted to take this time to confirm the media reports. It is true that I have agreed to sing for Metallica. As the years have passed, James Hetfield sounds more and more like a whiny old man singing country music or like he cannot decide if he wants to shout, sing, twang or growl. It has been difficult, rather, it's been annoying, nay, embarrassing to watch.
Do you understand how it feels to see someone that you have known for decades fall flat on their faces? The audiences that witness the poor attempt at singing must be traumatized.
I am traumatized.
I can't take it anymore. You know, some time ago I tried to show the guys in Metallica that they could save themselves from further shame. I showed them how to do it. Below is the video of when I demonstrated for them what an actual singer does for a band and how things are supposed to be done, how things are actually supposed to sound when you have a real singer. Check the video.
Metallica with John Bush The four horsemen (FULL VERSION) LIVE San Francisco, USA 2011-12-07 1080p
Below is a video of the problem that I am discussing. It is sad to see my friends sound so whiny and annoying. Check it out, but before you do, maybe you want to drink a bit of water or take a pill to help you relax. Try not to get too angry, please.
Metallica - Hit The Lights (Live At The Late Late Show) HD
Given that this is the reality, I offered my services and they have accepted. What choice did they have, really? They know that I know that they need help. That’s what I do. I help people.

Upon finding out that I was Metallica’s new singer, Megadeth contacted me. I have decided to help them, too. Megadeth needs just as much, if not more, help as Metallica. These guys should have never attempted to sing, actually. You can see what has happened. Both are whiny. This is why I have to help. I won’t show you a Megadeth video because I know that you are already stressed out with life, school and work and if you watch an annoying Megadeth video,

 you might throw your computer out the window, and then yourself. But don’t do that. You need the computer for the electronic internets webs and for the electronic correspondences mail letters that is currently taking the world by storm. It seems like people like the electronic internets, but it’s probably just a fashion. It will go away soon and then things can get back to the way they used to be and I can return to using my beeper. I still have my beeper. It’s so good. I will never stop using it!

Anyway, when Anthrax learned that I now will sing for Metallica and Megadeth, they wrote to me and asked me about returning to Anthrax.
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Well, forget them! That’s where I draw the line. I’m out. I gotta go audition for Burger King commercials now. I’ll tell you how that went in my next letter.
John Bush