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Bill "The Master" Bates


Sunday March 20, 2016

Fuglymaniacs made it to Scouts bar. This was an all day event, we stayed for a couple of hours. When we first arrived we notice the Scout's bar billboard with the tribute sign.

Parking lot seen about half full and it's about 4:30pm. It was a gergeous day mild temperature with blue skies, sunshine and best of all no traffic issues on 45 south. Feeling good as we buy our raffle tickets and try our luck at some of his stuff, mostly cds and donated items by retailers, record labels, etc.

As we walk in we see some familiar faces. Wes, Cary, Herman and co...

Herman and Cary grab a black trash bag and say dig in. No looking just dig in grab something. So I did and got a cd, The BOSS and CEO digs in and grabs a Transiberian Orchestra single cd. Sarajevo 12/24. The COO digs in and pulls In Flames - Colony (seal still, is a reissue). What are the odds of that I wonder. Fitting for both...

As we see the collection of stuff up for bidding, I hope people buy all this stuff, I think to myself. It's for a good cause. Funerals are expensive. Guitars, vinyls signed, art, posters signed, tv.

No bidding for us, we are poor and our day jobs suck! but it provides enough to run this fugly thing. So, we are happy with what we have. We water our own lawn around here!

We seen his wheelchair,shoes, headphones on the left side of the stage and had to take a picture!!

We found a good spot to catch our first set and the band is - Aeges, see for yourself...


The raffle started between bands. We didn't win anything this time but let see what happens....Blood of an Outlaw is next to perform.....check them out!


Raffle time again Herman calls out the numbers and our COO has that tickets which happens to be a set of 3 classic albums by one of our favorite bands: Slayer - Live Undead, Reign In Blood and Season In The Abyss...well what do you know we just saw Slayer with King Diamond (KD the real reason went to that show......RIP Jeff) not too long ago. Bill "the master" Bates strikes again.

Raffle number is on again and what do you know we win again ..."Booty short", t-shirt & piercing discount voucher.

We look at our watch and our time has run out. We gotta bail. Turn out was low from what we saw. Any little bit helps.

A huge thank you to everyone that showed up!! Bill would be proud you thought of him enough to make the effort and show up.

Oh! one last thing before we go...


Thanks Bill, for a great day! We miss you already. Still got that crazy sense of humor I see. Hope they got cable there, Bill? Next UFC is gonna be EPIC....


Good bye for now, this closes a chapter of a long time Houston,TX. DJ/son/realtor/friend and great person. Heard by many loved by a whole scene. Now more than ever we're gonna need that gap filled!