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The Unconvicted, Bayou Vimana, Poor Dumb Bastards.


7.8.16 Friday Night and we're are on the hunt for live music. First choice is Destroying Texas Fest at Walter's. Oh, wait! They have a $50 cover. WHAT!? Hell no, can't do. Fugly's poor. Checked calendar HogLeg is playing at Rudyard's. HogLeg is a new project from former members of local bands. James from Born Again Virgins is now their lead singer.

Other bands on the bill are The Unconvicted, Bayou Vimana, Poor Dumb Bastards.

The Unconvicted was first, they are a Houston local band that has been around a while. This is our first time running into this band. They claim to be a punk band. We would use that word very loosely in this case. They stray a bit but that's not always a bad thing.

The Unconvicted likes to write "true love songs". They have cornered the market within this genre. With titles like "Dead Weight", "Sex Zombie", "So Drunk". So next time you are looking to get lucky put on some Unconvicted and whatch her surrender the goods.....Enough said, see for yourself.


Bayou Vimana is another Houston local band formed 2015 from the ashes of other bands...they have a classic rocking sound. First time we see these guys also. Check them out...

Bayou Vimana - Effortless, Runnin' On Hot, Flores-Revelation 7.8.16


Poor Dumb Bastards- Is self described as Texas Drunk Rock. They do things a bit different.

This our first time we see these guys. They have ben around forever in the local scene. Local legends some would argue and they just celebrated their 25th Anniversary not too long ago.

Houston Press did a great breakdown on the band here's the link:

Founded in 1991 by Scarborough high-school buddies Byron Dean and Mike Porterfield, the unabashedly rude local rockers gleefully explore the depths of vulgarity and depravity like crazed manchildren set loose in the Bayou City.. - chris gray

Check out our footage...Alot of silly stuff going on. Make no mistake the music is real Texas Drunk Punk ...Enjoy!!


We notice that Hogleg was missing in action so we asked and we were told that the bass player had a medical emergency so they had to cancel. We hope he recovers and it's NOT life threating.....HogLeg we'll catch you on the rebound!