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{updated 2.24.19}

We are back young lads ....

Great news, MMB has been busy with the keyboard, emails and phone. He has several NEW issues. Take your time, read through 'em. Common on, facebook and twitter aint going nowhere. Those are fake news event!

We woud like to add some news that makes us happy. Somethimes we look for new bands that have that old metal sound or vibe. Not to overlook the legends.

Why look for new bands when the originals are still kicking ass. These lads are legends in their genre.

Prime example...Flotsam and Jetsam has a new album.

Flotsam and Jetsam - The End of Chaos (2019)


One of our favorite band of all time. Overkill just put out a new album also. It's their 19th album.

Overkill - The Wings of War (2019)

Here's a sample ...Overkill - Welcome To The Garden State.


As a bonus to ya'l, yes ya'l we're in Texas damn it.

We will introduce ya'l to: Witchers Creed - Awakened From the Tomb (2019)

Founded in Katrineholm, Sweden in 2016 by guitarist Filip Andersson, bassist Emil Bjällerhag and drummer Charlie Rangstedt.

This shit is great. Cowbell...'nough said!


Done told ya'l....you're welcome!

NEW issues of Metal Bulletin are here...enjoy!


Metal Bulletin #167

Downfall of Gaia, S.R.L.
Backstabber, Ichor ,
Lance King, Maestus


Metal Bulletin #166

Powergame, Electrocution,
Negative Slug


Metal Bulletin #165

JT Ripper, Frenzy,
Ad Patres, Plague Pit


Metal Bulletin #164

Ahnengrab, Dawn of Winter, Hollow
Rapheumets Well, Slow, Critical Defiance


Metal Bulletin #163

Ahnenkult, The Filth Hounds

Greyhawk, Malphas


Metal Bulletin #162

special issue dedicated to DRACENA (Sweden)   

Here's a listen...(2012)


Metal Bulletin #161

Helrunar, Artillery, Septagon, Master Gross, Misconduct,Bane

As turns out Artillery is alive and well. Got lost in the shuttle of singers but oh man! Here you go people enjoy!


Metal Bulletin #160

Dreddmaster, Krummholz, Into Eternity,
Heir Apparent, Lethean,
Karmic Link

ALSO: Weapon U.K., Chastain

Metal Bulletin #159

Noceur/Dilapidation, Lizzies, Blood Etchings,
Flight, Bludgeoning Pipe, Helgardh

Jan 4, 2019 and you are thinking. I want to listen to some intense,brutal,crazy shit. Here you go sir! enjoy.

Cloudburst hail from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

a country with a thriving metal underground. However, when I think Indonesia I usually think of grind’s punctuated trashcan bursts. Instead, Cloudburst offer fierce tones, roaring vocals, a sense of melody and a tight rhythmic approach. In other words, they’re metalcore in the way that contains none of that genre tag’s negative connotations, and I couldn’t be happier about it. - Decibel


But wait there more. 2019 feeling left out already?

You are progressive metal fan and you like shit to inspire and take you to a higher state of mind....ok got it!

Andromida - is a one man project.



Subject Zero 0:00

Enhanced 6:30

Malfunction (Feat. Alan Rigdon)11:48

Rebuild 16:30

Incorruptible (Feat. Gabe Pietrzak & Morgan Thomaso) 20:10

More Than Human 25:34

laterz....wait. wait. what??

What about me? you ask. Ugh! Black Metal fan. You like your music like you like your steak. Rare...bloody rare.

We're gonna drop some Veldes on you for your new 2019 gift.

Veldes -Country: Slovenia | Year: 2019 | Genre: Atmospheric/Melancholic Black Metal



1. If Horizons Bled Out 00:00

2. Keeper of the Flameless 01:22

3. Lore of Forgotten Despair 12:15

4. The Breeze Among Felled Trees 23:04

5. This Light Was Never Meant To Be 26:38