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{updated 4.26.19}

We are back young lads ....

Great news, MMB has been busy with the keyboard, emails and phone. He has several NEW issues.

STOP your whinning about no real good music out there. OPEN your ears and the let insanity of Witchrite in. Maybe, you long for some twin lead guitar shredding. Booze Control, has your name on it.

English metal is eh!, Try on a pair of German singers in the band Ascheregen.

Something thrashy with a good motor on it...Trauma sounds good to us.

NO!? NOTHING!? Come here, we're gonna kick you in the balls, loser.


Metal Bulletin #172

Witchrite, Mo’ynoq, Manam


Your most recent recording is the self-titled album from 2018. How many recordings have you published in total?

Mlody: We are lazy as fuck when it comes to the recordings. Our first release is just CD-r with concert from Gdansk recorded on it – we put out 80 pieces and all gave to friends, it was in 2012.

We put out a s/t demo cd with 5 tracks in 2013, it was recorded in studio and have nice audio quality. We have live split tape with grindcore Necrosodomistical Slaughter – it was recorded at our joint concert in Poznan and it was released in 2016. And yes, in 2018 we put out s/t full length album. It came out on vinyl with two versions – regular on black vinyl and limited on white vinyl and additional cover art.

It is also available on CD and there are two editions of tape. And we are really grateful to all of the co-editors! You can listen to all of these stuff at Bandcamp.



Metal Bulletin #171

Steel Raiser, Marius Danielsen, Trauma, Crypteria


How are things in the Trauma camp nowadays? Who is in the band in 2019?

The current Trauma line up is Joe Fraulob guitar, Greg Christian bass, Steve Robello guitar, Don Hillier vocals, Kris Gustofson drums. Things are starting to take shape a bit for 2019. Honestly this has been a struggle for us to get this off the ground. Not an easy task for being off the grid for a long time. In this day and age we have to lower our expectations because the infrastructure of the music business is not there anymore.

Yes, we all get along great especially when we are on the road together. That’s when it’s really fun. Everyone is fucking nuts; not in a bad way but quite fun.

The album is on Pure Steel Records. How did you hook up with then?

Those guys seem be hoarding all the U.S. bands from the 1980s. Are you selling more albums in Europe, especially in Germany, than in the U.S.?

We submitted the Rapture and Wrath album to them and they came back at us with a worldwide contract. This was in 2015, the audience for metal is not here in the US as it once was. Don't get me wrong, there are pockets here and there, however not as many as there once was. Europe however is where all the massive festivals take place. nothing to compare to here in the U.S. If you’re a HUGE band that can put asses in seats then you’re doing quite well here in the states. It’s hit and miss.


Metal Bulletin #170

Fordærv, Diaboł Boruta

Booze Control.....

Is it really true that Booze Control has had the same exact line-up since 2009?

What is your secret to keeping the original team together?

David: Yes, the line-up is the same from the beginning. We all built this ship together, we're sailing it, exploring unknown continents, and maybe one day we'll find a nice haven to retire, or we'll be wrecked and drown. Anyway, it's our ship, we built it together. We have roles, for example Jendrik and me take care of the songwriting, but there is no hierarchy. We're a democracy, everybody puts in thoughts and money equally. Of course, there are disagreements, but we've gotten better at solving those, too. Lord: There were a few years where it all looked kinda dicey because we were scattered all over the country, but we kept the train rolling and slowly but surely we've all gravitated back together, and with everyone acting like they matured a bit (even if we really didn't), we managed to settle in enough to be at a comfortable status quo. I think it also helps that we don't have one huge ego in the band, but are actually all able to step back if it is needed



Metal Bulletin #169

Ascheregen, Hypnotic Dirge Records,
Gorgon ...

On February 15th, 2019 the debut album by Ascheregen (Germany) was released. The album is called Untot (Undead) and the music is perfect to the old-school heavy metal fans. Not knowing anything about the band, it was a good time to find out what this good-time band is all about. Let’s rock and roll!


Metal Bulletin #168

King Apathy
Second to Sun ... teaser for ya'l

Second to Sun This publication has reported on the extreme metal of Second to Sun by sharing the band’s videos.

Upon researching the Russian entity’s discography and history, it became obvious that something interesting in happening with prolific music coming out under the name Second to Sun.

Did your band really have two albums in 2018? In 2018 we have actually released three albums: “The Black”, re-release of our instrumental album “Blackbound” with vocals and “The Walk” in standard and instrumental versions. So that is correct. Do metal fans in your city come to your shows?

Honestly saying, we’re not playing gigs. Although, we have many listeners. And I feel bad for this, but at the same time we still don’t do gigs, because I’m a stubborn person and I want to create new music and not work at shows.

Showmanship is musicians work, but writing albums is art.



Metal Bulletin #167

Downfall of Gaia, S.R.L.
Backstabber, Ichor ,
Lance King, Maestus


Metal Bulletin #166

Powergame, Electrocution,
Negative Slug


Metal Bulletin #165

JT Ripper, Frenzy,
Ad Patres, Plague Pit


Metal Bulletin #164

Ahnengrab, Dawn of Winter, Hollow
Rapheumets Well, Slow, Critical Defiance


Metal Bulletin #163

Ahnenkult, The Filth Hounds

Greyhawk, Malphas


Metal Bulletin #162

special issue dedicated to DRACENA (Sweden)   

Here's a listen...(2012)


Metal Bulletin #161

Helrunar, Artillery, Septagon, Master Gross, Misconduct,Bane

As turns out Artillery is alive and well. Got lost in the shuttle of singers but oh man! Here you go people enjoy!


Metal Bulletin #160

Dreddmaster, Krummholz, Into Eternity,
Heir Apparent, Lethean,
Karmic Link

ALSO: Weapon U.K., Chastain

Metal Bulletin #159

Noceur/Dilapidation, Lizzies, Blood Etchings,
Flight, Bludgeoning Pipe, Helgardh

Jan 4, 2019 and you are thinking. I want to listen to some intense,brutal,crazy shit. Here you go sir! enjoy.

Cloudburst hail from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

a country with a thriving metal underground. However, when I think Indonesia I usually think of grind’s punctuated trashcan bursts. Instead, Cloudburst offer fierce tones, roaring vocals, a sense of melody and a tight rhythmic approach. In other words, they’re metalcore in the way that contains none of that genre tag’s negative connotations, and I couldn’t be happier about it. - Decibel


But wait there more. 2019 feeling left out already?

You are progressive metal fan and you like shit to inspire and take you to a higher state of mind....ok got it!

Andromida - is a one man project.



Subject Zero 0:00

Enhanced 6:30

Malfunction (Feat. Alan Rigdon)11:48

Rebuild 16:30

Incorruptible (Feat. Gabe Pietrzak & Morgan Thomaso) 20:10

More Than Human 25:34

laterz....wait. wait. what??

What about me? you ask. Ugh! Black Metal fan. You like your music like you like your steak. Rare...bloody rare.

We're gonna drop some Veldes on you for your new 2019 gift.

Veldes -Country: Slovenia | Year: 2019 | Genre: Atmospheric/Melancholic Black Metal



1. If Horizons Bled Out 00:00

2. Keeper of the Flameless 01:22

3. Lore of Forgotten Despair 12:15

4. The Breeze Among Felled Trees 23:04

5. This Light Was Never Meant To Be 26:38